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Universities and trade/professional schools exist in every country where The Global Orphan Project operates; however, these opportunities are out of reach for many youth, especially those that lack a supportive and stable family. So, we launched the GO Transition Academy (formerly Pathways) providing hands-on discipleship, education, and professional opportunities to develop the skills and character necessary for young adults to become leaders and givers in their own communities. The GO Transition Academy is a two-year equipping program for young adults who have “aged-out” of Orphan Care. GO launched the GO Transition Academy in Haiti in 2013.

GO Transition Academy Disctinctives : We try our best to make sure that we don’t rebuild the wheel. But when it comes to caring for these youth we found a need for a fresh approach centered on discipleship, work and community:

  • Real Discipleship: The heart of this initiative is to immerse youth in the love of Christ through prayer and the Word of God. GO Project has found this to be the key difference-maker in transforming the lives of the most hurting children around the world, no matter the culture or the age of the child.
  • Real Work: The job training/readiness component of this ministry is not an artificial environment that patronizes the GO Transition Academy students; it’s real and entrepreneurial. Through internships from sales to sewing, from the farm to the farmers’ market and kitchen, GO Transition Academy students engage real, active, productive businesses in the local community in such a way that their missions are advanced in tangible ways.
  • Real Community: The goal of the GO Transition Academy is not to provide an independent, stand-alone program that tries to act as the parent of a hurting, isolated individual. The GO Transition Academy Initiative is led by local churches and their families who are sacrificially providing the love of family to these youth to the best of their abilities.

GO Transition Academy Participants: The GO Transition Academy , like every GO Project initiative, is dependent on a grassroots movement that involves everyone:

  • GO Transition Academy Students: These are the 18 – 24 year old men and women who need a safe and stable community that they are lacking as they transition into adulthood.
  • Businesses: Local businesses provide training, internships and employment opportunities for GO Transition Academy students.
  • Local Churches: Local churches provide a supportive community for GO Transition Academy students.
  • You: The generosity of donor’s like you allows us to serve alongside of the church to care for youth through this initiative.




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