Where does the money go? Every project owner selects a fund to support. From contributing to sweeping sustainability initiatives to providing clothing for an individual child, all of our funds serve a critical need.


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Want to help children in an innovative way? Buy chickens. For $10 a pop, you can purchase a chicken to supplement the diet of the kids in Haiti. We need an army of your pushing this initiative!

How we help matters.  We can help with lift.  We can do orphan care and orphan prevention at the same time.  And our Haiti poultry venture is the perfect example.

Our kids in care need protein supplementation in their diets.  That need presents an opportunity.  We set up poultry farms, businesses, in Haiti that hire and train local farmers who need work.  Some of these also serve as vocational training centers in which older children aging out of care can learn life skills.

We then turn to you and ask you to “buy to give.”  With a $10 tax deductible donation, we can send a purchase order for a chicken to go to the children.  This is a low cost, high volume way to make a huge impact.  The farms also sell chickens to local Haitian buyers, with profits going to orphan care.

The farmers get good work to support their families.  The children get protein boosts in their diets.  Some older children receive life skills training.  All profits go to help pay for orphan care.  And there is DIGNITY BUILDING in this process.

We need an army of you to fuel these ventures by becoming “philanthropic buyers.”  Donate $10 for a chicken.  Ask your friends and family to do the same.  Creatively help to do orphan care and orphan prevention at the same time.

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