Orphan Care

GO Project has three operating divisions:

Orphan Care

Orphan care is our core ministry. We work with local churches, both internationally and domestically, to help them provide family based care for orphaned and abandoned children in their communities. To do this, we need your help. You can engage with this Orphan Care mission. Learn more

Our 100% Commitment to donors applies to donations made for our core Orphan Care program services. Learn more

Orphan Prevention

GO Fund is an impact investment fund managed by GO. We start and support vocational training centers, businesses, and agricultural ventures uniquely tied to our mission. We strive to create jobs and expand household capacity to keep families together. Profits from these ventures go to pay for basic orphan care costs. For those with a heart for orphan prevention, for providing pathways for children aging out of care, for building entrepreneurial spirit and dignity, GO Fund is for you. Learn more


Trips into the Orphan Window change lives. The greatest change catalyst within GO arises out of the personal connection between so many of you, and so many of the children in care around the world. You pour into them. They pour into you. And beautiful stuff seems to explode out from there. We invite you: come join us on a unique trip into the Orphan Window! Learn more