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1 Month = 1,000 Children Served

1 Month = 1,000 Children Served!

Last month, together and with the Lord as our shepherd, the CarePortal community served more than 1,000 children… and all of God's people said, “Amen!” We're celebrating this milestone with high hopes that we'll continue to see this number increase each month, as… Read More

Faces of CarePortal

Faces of CarePortal: Meet Dan

“My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” – John 15:12 Short. Sweet. This command is so seemingly simple, and yet we often find ourselves asking, “How?” How do I love someone as You have loved me? How do I love someone I’ve never met? How do I… Read More

Faces of CarePortal Meet Tanya

Faces of CarePortal: Meet Tanya

Lives transform by multiples when individuals shift from minimal participants to engaged contributors. Such is the case with you and your role in the CarePortal community. Meet Tanya Keys, the Regional Director for Children's Division in Jackson County, Missouri. Tanya works… Read More

10,000 Children Served

10,000 Children Served!

In Matt Redman's worship song 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord), he cries out: For all your goodness I will keep on singing Ten thousand reasons For my heart to find. Today, we celebrate the 10,000. These reasons for celebration are not abstract, but… Read More

CarePortal gathering

Jam Packed with Jesus Passion

Last week, CarePortal representatives from across the country gathered to celebrate, train and collaborate. Those in attendance participated in the 2nd birthday celebration, where it was announced that local churches participating in CarePortal have impacted more than 9,000… Read More

CarePortal Goes to Haiti

CarePortal Region Goes to Haiti. You Can, Too!

"There’s a church in the community who cares for orphaned and vulnerable children." This ambiguous statement could be made of churches all over the world. These churches possess the same heartbeat, even though the location varies. For those of us in the CarePortal network,… Read More

Buy GOEX: A Buck-a-Tee to Kids!

T-shirts. You buy lots of them. Your church, your school, your business, your favorite charities . . . they buy lots of promotional and branded tees. Did you know those same shirts are often made in hidden conditions that create orphans? GOEX provides a new choice. GOEX is… Read More

1000 churches

Texas Church Becomes 1,000th Active Member of CarePortal Community

Since CarePortal’s inception, this community has been working toward the day of a Church-centered child welfare system. We don’t expect this transformation to happen overnight. Rather, as a football commentator might narrate, this change is a story of inches, with each… Read More

CarePortal - Behind the Scenes

CarePortal – Behind the Scenes

Thanks to you, CarePortal community, beautiful stories are written every day in communities from Phoenix, Arizona to Raleigh, North Carolina. Today, we want to share with you a peek behind the curtain. Just within the past week, child welfare workers have praised the passion… Read More

Faces of CarePortal meet Chris

Faces of CarePortal: Meet Chris

Each one of us, individually, is called to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We all, as the Church, are invited—and expected—to represent the Body of Christ. But what if we don’t know how to serve? What if we don't know when? What if our hearts yearn to help, and what if… Read More