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Faithful, by faith

First, a few photo updates from Pothawira... Jake with Jimmy, Bozwell, and Roderick Children's Homes 11 & 12 being built. "Dani" recovering from malaria with a little love from his house mama [Read Dani's story] New twins, Matthew and Daniel, under the careful… Read More

How did your Saturday start?

This morning, Peter Maseko walked into a clinic waiting room full of patients who were sick, tired, and needing help. He greeted them with such sincere Godly worship and prayer that, if not for the stethoscope around his neck, his white physician's coat would have more easily… Read More


Hope is a house mama at Father’s House Kabale. She takes care of 11 boys in her home. Hope shares that the boys show interest in studying, and they seem to like it as of now. They try hard to read their books. "Some of the older boys behave stubbornly at times, but when I… Read More

Fate, Family, Future

What is the fate of a poor, HIV-positive, orphaned child living in AIDS-ravaged, rural Africa? Unfortunately, for many this is not a hypothetical. Their lives here end all too soon, but that is not "Dani's" story. Dani does fit the profile above. His mom and dad were both… Read More


Kellen is the house mama at Father’s House Kabale and cares for 10 boys in her home. She has made a difference in the lives of many who have visited her in Uganda, and you can read more about how here>> Her boys, she explains, behave like any other normal child, and… Read More


Christine is the house mama at Father’s House Kabale, and she takes care of 9 boys in her home. She says her boys are very good, and she thanks God for the time they have spent together. She prays that the Lord protects them, and that they become important people in… Read More

What’s in a bar chart? More families being helped by the church.

All organizations like to show positive-performance trends.  These upward-sloping charts sometimes indicate increasing sales or rising profits to reassure current investors and impress potential new ones.  This Care Portal bar chart, however, represents something a little… Read More

Exchanging Ideas in Haiti – 2015 Educator Exchange

A single flickering light bulb sways silently overhead as 25 students, packed shoulder to shoulder, stare wide-eyed at their 6th grade teacher as he slowly reaches into his desk drawer. It’s 10 AM at IMEL Primary School in Marmalade, Haiti and already the temperature outside… Read More

Bringing me home

The Care Portal is empowering local churches and agencies to establish a culture of Church Centered Child Welfare. It combines technology with grassroots leadership to engage, connect, and equip local churches to meet a full range of child welfare needs. The story above is of… Read More


Loy is a house mama at Father’s House Kabale and cares for 10 boys in her home. The boys are all in good health and studying well. They participate in chapel activities, take care of the rabbits, help with the gardening, and take care of the goats in the evenings after… Read More