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Home is where the heart is…

In the mountains of Southern Ethiopia, past paved road and power lines, beyond the washed-out bridge, you’ll find yourself on the back of “a motor” (cycle) driving past brown soil of humble farms cut into lush, green mountains. Beautiful faces of smiling children wave as… Read More

Jimmy Starfish

Jimmy Starfish

Most of us have heard the story about the young boy walking the beach strewn with scores of washed-up starfish that he was throwing back into the water one at a time. An old man chastised the lad saying, “You can’t save them all.” Undeterred, the boy picked up another,… Read More

Beyond the Buzzword

Servant Leadership has become a consultant buzzword.  Books have been written.  Courses taught, and speaking careers built on giving us the secrets of influencing others by giving ourselves for them.  It’s about enough to make the concept lose its edge…until you see it… Read More

Finding peace in obedience

By GO Fellow Sarah Herrera In a recent visit to Cassamajor, Pastor Renaud shared his wisdom on orphan care and why it is important for believers to obey God’s call to serve. “It is a blessing from God,” he said. “When you are helping people with no champion, then… Read More

Love comes in all forms…even chalk!

By GO Fellow Sarah Herrera The excitement surrounding visitors radiating from the All In One Family village is extraordinary. Top off their love for new friends with an interacting group of high school students, in addition to endless creativity, and you’ve got a recipe for… Read More

Raising Leaders at Biggarouse

Pastor Elysée encourages the children in his ministry to be proud when going to church, because it is by God’s grace that they’re able to attend. As a result, many of his students glorify the Lord in a number of varying ways. Some are leaders during church, assisting in… Read More

Siblings Joined in Love and Circumstance

If there are multiple children from a family at a village, it is not shocking to observe sibling rivalry among those kids. Among the children that the local church is caring for in Haiti, there are many sets of siblings that live among many other kids, and sibling rivalry is… Read More

Governer's Special Recognition Certificate

Governor Commends Extraordinary Service of CarePortal Regional Manager

It is our utter excitement to share with you the recognition of CarePortal Regional Manager Sue Baird. In acknowledgment of her efforts in Pima County, Arizona, Governor Douglas Ducey issued a Certificate of Special Recognition for Sue’s efforts to aid local children and… Read More

Missouri Woman in Awe of CarePortal Connection

It’s been our incredible privilege to hear stories from the field here in the U.S., revealing how churches are diving deeper into the child welfare system through CarePortal. We recently received the story of a Missouri woman who helped meet a need. She was haunted by a… Read More

Community Engagement in Kafunjo

On the hills of Uganda, there sits a parish seeking to invest in the lives of children and families. GO Africa, the GO Project sister organization in Uganda, is working with this church to strengthen families in the community before thoughts of establishing a residential center… Read More